leni's cafe

corporate design // paid project

The leni's is a sweet and salty coffee shop with a wide range of meals, desserts and drinks. Madleen Kraus startet in the mom's kitchen with a lot of passion. As cook and especially as pastry chef she fulfilled her dream with the opening of the leni's cafe in Maulburg (Germany) in 2021. Together with her sister Ann-Catherine Schneider, as economic part, she offers in her cafe a little timeout from the stressful everyday life.

The offer of the cafe focusses on fresh and modern cooking and baking including almost only seasonal and regional products.

"Less is more" applies in the kitchen of the lenis cafe. The simple and nature bound corporate design supports this attitude and symbolizes a high quality of products and meals. The design includes a logo, business card, coupon and menu card.

Food photography by Melina Baier Fotografie.

Anorexia Nervosa Pattern
Anorexia Nervosa Pattern
Anorexia Nervosa Pattern